If you know a photographer you may have witnessed the wonder in their eyes when they were talking about the perfect location and while you probably had a vague idea of what they meant it’s doubtful you shared their enthusiasm. For a photographer the location of the photoshoot is one of the most important aspects of their profession. Without the perfect location you can’t have the perfect photoshoot – you might say it’s where everything begins for a photographer. Here are five key reasons that location’s important for the perfect photoshoot.

It’s All about the Mood

Location can help to set the mood of the photo itself, but also of the people in it. If a photographer decides to do a photoshoot in a creepy old house because it’s Halloween the message we receive when looking at those photos is likely to be one of foreboding and perhaps a little bit of fear. The same will probably apply for any people partaking in the photoshoot as they’re likely to soak up the mood of the creepy old place – even if it’s involuntary.

There’s a Message in the Location

The location a photographer chooses can also be used to convey a message. The message a war photographer is trying to convey when taking pictures in a war-torn city is likely to be about the plight of its citizens and it’s essentially a call to action to try and convince the rest of the world to do something about it. On the other end of the spectrum might be honeymoon pictures taken at Niagara Falls which are meant to convey a message of happiness and everlasting love.

Location and Exposure

The location a photographer chooses for a photoshoot can also have a lot of bearing on the exposure of the images. For example, if a photographer is doing a photoshoot in an underground cave there’s a good chance his/her images may be underexposed if he doesn’t select the right tools for the job. There isn’t enough natural light in the cave and that means the photographer will need to depend on a flash to create enough artificial light to capture the image they’re looking for.

Make Sure You Have Permission

One thing that few people are likely to consider is that a photographer has to make sure that they have permission to shoot in a particular location. This isn’t normally a problem in any public place, but if you’re shooting on private property then you should definitely have permission. There’s a good chance you’re going to raise a lot of suspicion if you decide to conduct a photoshoot outside of a top secret nuclear facility – this may seem like an extreme example, but I think you get the point.

A Little Bit of Nostalgia

One final thing you may want to consider when looking for the perfect location for your photoshoot is nostalgia. We all have places that have special meaning to us and the chance to shoot some family portraits in that location could be ideal. Let’s say for example your family planted a tree 20 years ago in the backyard after the passing of your grandfather – that tree is likely to have special meaning for your whole family and would be a great place to shoot that family portrait.

Find That Perfect Location

If there’s one thing that’s clear after our discussion above it’s that there are many reasons for choosing a location, but as long as you choose a location with one or more of these reasons in mind it should make for some great photographs. Take your time and choose a location for the right reasons.